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Welcome to the world of Indian clipart! Behold a never before range of rich Indian vector clipart, that includes drawings of Indian scenes, typical Indian religious ceremonies, Indian monuments, traditionally attired men and women of India, items of daily use in India and even famous Indian personalities.

Indian religion, culture and festival

We have here a wide variety of images that represent the rich and varied culture of India. Images include illustrations of the people of this ancient country, following various religions & customs. Religion is an important factor that determines the lifestyle of the Indian people. Each of the religions have a number of festivals that are celebrated by the people who follow that religious faith. The different Indian festivals are usually celebrated in the traditional method, keeping alive traditional values in the minds of both young and old. The mood of these cultural festivals that are both attractive and colourful has been captured in these cliparts. A huge number of gods, goddesses, saints and symbolic items depict these religions and festivals that can be found in the religion and festival categories of these readymade clipart collections in the form of drawings as well as photos.


In India, ceremonies based on religion & culture provide a reason for for relatives and friends to get together. An unimaginable variety of ceremonies are available in India. Similar functions have different customs from place to place. Invitation cards for religious & culture-based ceremonies demand variety of images. This Indian clipart collection has images of weddings, naming ceremonies, engagement, house-warming ceremony, thread ceremony and many other typically traditional ceremonies.

The many forms of ancient & urban India

Apart from religious items other things like day-to-day scenes, Indian vehicles, Indian objects, Indian people from different professions, traditionally-attired men & women, Monuments, Indian personalities, Gods & Goddesses of different religions and lot more which is typical Indian has been covered under these cliparts.

Drawings of Indian Maps with details of district level have been given in these clipart.

Indian artistry is world famous. Very often designs for borders and corners are used in the print / web material. Such decorative frames have been provided in the collection.

To cover this variety, different type of images have been developed by Graphic Impressions. These images have been made specially for the purpose of readymade cliparts.

We have provided samples from each of the collections for free download to give the user an idea of the quality & range of the images provided in our clipart collections.

The wide range of Indian vector cliparts covers the following categories:

  • Clipart of ceremony-related poses and actions

  • Indian festivals of different regions

  • Large number of cliparts of the favourite god Ganesh

  • Images of god and goddess revered by devotees

  • Indian jewellery designs

  • Drawings of known Indian personalities

  • Traditional objects

  • Indian people displaying diversity in terms of religion & culture

  • Drawings of holy symbols

  • Indian decorative borders and frames

  • Wedding-related symbols, Baraat and Dulha-Dulhan

  • Photos & drawings of Indian scenes

  • Indian objects

  • Indian vehicles

  • Indian traditional dances

  • Drawings & photos of monuments and landmarks of India

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