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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I purchase individual clipart?
Yes. You can purchase individual clipart. To do this, please visit the following links for the appropriate type of clipart.
Free download of Indian Wedding Card Images and symbols
Indian Wedding Card barat symbols
Hindu Gods and Goddesses Images
Lord Ganesh images, clipart and symbols
Indian religious, cultural and traditional Images
Images and symbols of Indian Festivals

My client wants me to remove face of one image and replace on another image, can I edit the image?
Yes! all ready-made vector images in Collection 1, Collection 2 and Collection 3 have this facility, each object of the image can be separated as desired.

Can the bitmap images in Collection 2 be expanded to larger size for offset printing?
For offset printing, a bitmap image has to be normally of 300 dpi (even 240 DPI serves the purpose most of the times). Since the given images are in the size of 1200x800 pixels you are advised to print them in the size of 5"x3.5".
To print the image in A4 size, it has to be of approx. 3000x1800 pixels. In which case, file size becomes of 6MB and only 100 images would fit in a single CD, whereas the Collection 2 CD has 2000 bitmap images in one CD.

Can Collection 2 Bitmap images be used in multimedia and Web pages?
Yes, Multimedia or Web-page designing needs the file in 800x600 pixels or maximum 1024x768 pixels. The size of images in Collection 2 is bigger than this size. Hence, they can comfortably be used.
(please note these images can't be supplied for downloading on the net because they are copyright protected).

Can I use vector images on the Web?
Yes. These readymade vector images can be used on the web by converting them in bitmap format (GIF or JPG). Clip the image in any of the Vector based software (for Collection 1 & Collection 3 you can add the necessary outline thickness as explained in the catalogue. For Collection 2, you don't need to add outline thickness). Then, you can export the image in any bitmap format that is acceptable on the web.
Softwares like Flash gives you the facility to use vector images on the net and also helps you to keep the size of the file smaller.
(please note that these images can't be given to download on the net because they are copyright protected)

Why should I register?
Registration card is provided with each Collection 1, Collection 2 (sold through our distribution network) and Collection 3  packs. With every upgrade of the product, discount schemes are offered to legal users. Registering yourself as a legal user will help you avail of discounts in the next version.

The registration card for Collection 1 or Collection 3 is not in my pack.
If you have not got the registration form in your pack, please fill the enquiry form in this website, with all the required details and add following text in the Comments box.
"Please register me as a legal User of Collection 1 or Collection 3"
My Password is = (type your password as shown on the catalogue or back of CD cover) Date of Purchase :
Purchased from :(name and phone no. of Dealer)"

The registration card for Collection 2 is not in my pack.
In case of Collection 2, the registration card is given to dealers and distributors of Graphic Impressions alongwith the catalogue. If you have not received the Registration card, you have most probably not received the reference catalogue as well. This means that you must have got your copy through a channel other than the distributor network of Graphic Impressions. Nevertheless, you can register with us to avail atleast some discount from us in the next version.

Why are Indian clipart costly?
Indian cliparts is a new theme that has started acquiring shape only very recently. Western cliparts have been in the market for about 14-15 years. The Indian cliparts industry being at a very initial stage, developing original vector cliparts becomes an expensive business as making costs are quite high. Also, since western cliparts are sold all over the world, their market is much larger. On the other hand, Indian Cliparts are sold mainly in India or by Indians settled abroad. The concept being new in India, the quantity of Indian cliparts sold is much less. These are the reasons why, at present, Indian cliparts are costly.


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