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Collection 1 - Product Information

Given here below is the product information for Indian Impressions Collection1.

Number of images

Total no. of images in vector (WMF) format - 2700 (2700 B/W and 2700 colour)
Images include - 1119 Borders and Corners,  881 religious symbols, 700 theme frames (350 for A4 size and 350 for 5x7 size).


Each clipart is supplied in Color as well as Black & White, so the user gets a proper b/w version of the image instead of a watered-down gray counterpart of the color image, obtained by viewing or printing the image in gray-scale. 

Who needs it

DTP operators, Printers, Publications, Artists, Advertising agencies, Home PC users, Corporate users etc.

Where to use

The images of these Indian cliparts can be used for designing traditional cards, (including Marriage cards, Function cards, Invitation cards) Leaflets, Brochures, Advertisements, Banners, handouts, Posters, letters, Greeting cards, or even on the web sites.

File formats

These files can be used in all Windows based Softwares and can be converted in many popular file formats.
eg. .WMF, .EMF, .CGM, .AI, .EPS, .CMX, .DXF, .BMP, .TIF, .jpg, .GIF, .TGA etc.

System requirement.

To install Indian cliparts collection minimum configuration required is IBM PC 486, 16 MB RAM, Windows 95, VGA monitor with 16 colors, 2X CD-ROM drive.


Rs. 1499.00 [US $ 40.00] with a Black & White catalogue.
Rs.   750.00 [US $ 20.00] extra for colour catalogue.

You get following on purchase of this software
1. One CD (softcopy of the Indian Impressions Collection 1 cliparts)
2. Reference Catalogue
3. A registration card.

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